Flower Festival 2016 St. Botolph's Church, Burton Hastings

17th to 19th June

Theme: British inventions during the lifetime of Her Majesty the Queen

Queens Birthday 1
Queens Birthday 2
Jet Engine 1
Inscentinel 1
Hovercraft 1
Hospice Care 1
Float Glass 1
Falkirk 2
Electronic Programmable Computer 1
Collapsible Baby Buggy 1
CatsEye 1
Carbon fibre 1
WorldWideWeb 1
WorldWideFund Trevor Ellis
Wind up radio and automatic kettle 1
Steri Spray 2
Steri Spray 1
Queens Celebrations Trevor Ellis
Land Rover 1
Jet Engine 2
Falkirk 1
Queens Celebrations 2 Trevor Ellis
work in progress
floral arrangements as listed in programme
arrangement 1 detail
flowers before arranging 5
flowers before arranging 4
flowers before arranging 3
flowers before arranging 2
flowers before arranging
St Botolph's Church Burton Hastings Flower Festival Programme
beautifully sunny June day
getting ready   books removed from chairs